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Ilsa Haupmann, who was among the most feared criminals of Angelfalls city, was curious: she had found, a few weeks ago, the proofs of a Nazi experimental weapon she did not knew of, even with her proximity with the Fuhrer himself.

The weapon was only a theory, imagined by a few engineers. It was called the «Sturm Gewehr», the Sun Gun. The weapon she only knew about as drawings, mathematics writings, and other scientifical works she was not entirely able to understand, as Ilsa was «famous» for her biological knowledge, acquired in camps, and in her former experiments... 

Ilsa found evidences that the weapon was really developped, in secret, by a rich American man, died recently in strange circumstances: Victor Milton. A terrible businessman who made his fortune by selling weapons during Cold War, and more recently, in Yugoslavia, Africa, and even to Daesh... It was proved but money saved him from justice of USA, but finally, he died. His building was entirely blown up by a man who came from nowhere.

And now, his daughter, Aelia, was the new CEO of all of Milton's wealth.

By spying this blonde young billionaire, Ilsa discovered very good things, good for a Nazi, heh, not for people in general.

Ilsa did also heard about works of the Unit 731, the Japanese military unit which was commanded by Shiro Ishii, the Asian Mengele, who was responsible of thousands of horrible deathes during the war. USA did not judged the members of that unit, unlike Soviets did.

Some of the works of the unit, concerning biochimical warfare, interested her. 

And some of the plans of modern weapons of Milton Armaments

So, it was decided, Ilsa planned to capture the girl, and to make her «share» her knowledge...

She smiled, and then pulled a ring on her desk. 

Two female SS, dressed with a black suit went before Ilsa, and saluted, with the regular Nazi army manner.

Ilsa said:

-Helga, Frieda. Prepare the Horten. I have something to do in Angelfalls.

-Jawohl fraulein!

A few moments later, a flying wing was seen above Angelfalls.

Ilsa jumped of her plane.

She landed on Eden Island, alone, where the righ people of the city have their houses.

Aelia's palace was well guarded... too much for Ilsa...

But not for Genocide...

Ilsa choose to take her overpowered shape... But she just saw that she forgotten to take her red suit. Not a problem. She saw that her syringe was on her normal clothes. She took it, and began to walk on the great stairs of the palace. She first used a lot of precautions to not be seen by the guards of the billionaire lady.

Because Aelia has to be not wounded... At least for now.

Ilsa awaited for a guard to capture, as she needed to know where was Aelia. 

One arrived, alone. He took a cigarette, and began to smoke. Ilsa walked toward him. The surprise if the man did the rest. He said:

-What th...

Ilsa caught him on the throat, and walked until an isolated place. Seconds later, she askrd:

-Where is Aelia Milton?

The man did not answer.

She took the knife she had with her, a SS knife, and made a large wound on his chest. She said:

-So? I don't like to repeat myself.

She made multiple cuts on the man's arm. And stabbed him on the stomach. And turned the knife's blade.

The man said:

-She is on the first floor, a white and golden double door. Thi is this window from the outside (he shown a big window with a balcony) She has many defenses. You shall be killed.

-Not me. But you, for sure.

And she broke his neck.

Ilsa made her way by the exterior of the palace, and quickly reached the balcony. She opened very precautionously the window, by breaking only one glass, as thieves would do, in order to open with the handle in the room.

Aelia was, however, not aslept... She was... Praying.

The rich young girl did not noticed Ilsa, as she was turning her back from the nazi superwoman, and was also in a state of meditation... Ilsa remarked that the altar in front of Aelia, like her outfit (a white long dress), and the cult items (two little golden bows with perfumes inside) were unknown to her.

Ilsa said:

-Guten tag, frau Milton!

Aelia, afraid, fallen on the ground, trying to leave. Ilsa said again:


-No, please, leave me!!

Aelia continued to try to leave, then, Ilsa began to grow bothered. She caught Aelia's arm, and pushed her toward the window... But Aelia shouted and called her guards.

Ten of them, heavily armed, entered. Ilsa grabbed Aelia, and then threw her on her bed. She then attached one of her hands to the armature of the bed, and turned back to deal with the guards, who were a bit surprised to see a huge naked blonde girl there. One of them ordered to Ilsa to surrender.

She said nothing. She just turned back, left the bed, and then, walked to the ten guards...

One was caught by the throat, and then Ilsa broke his neck, with one hand. 

Two others were strangled, the fourth one wounded her on the belt with a gun... She took his gun, and shot at his two legs, but without killing him... She just said:

-I will play later.

She killed the six remaining guys, and returned to the wounded man.

She grabbed him, and then asked:

-Does you suffer?

She put a finger into the wound, to torture him. She used her SS knife to cut his throat. 

-I have things to do, boy. Sorry, but I can't stay...

Her next action was to return to Aelia, and break the ropes she had used to attach her.

The girl was caught brutally and threw on the ground.

Ilsa ordered:


Ilsa did not thought about manhandling a young billionaire. And she did not care. 

Aelia began to beg Ilsa. Who was just bothered. She took Aelia. Brought her to the bed, and then, quickly examinated her in order to detect any possible heart troubles, and then searched a vein on her throat, found one, and caught her syringe. 

Aelia seemed terrified, and her face shown terror.

Ilsa planted her syringe, and then injected the sedative...

Aelia tried to resist, but it only amused Ilsa to see her trying to do so...

When she was aslept, Ilsa tossed her on her back, and then walked away. Her plane appeared, as she had ordered, minutes later. A door opened, and a rope was prepared. Ilsa caught it.

Moments later, she was in her plane, with a brand new prisoner... And her knowledge about her weapons...

In the same time, someone looked at camera images showing the interior of the palace.

This was a woman. She was wearing a cape, which covered also her head. 

She smiled at the screen, and said:

-Fine. My plans goes as I want.

To be Continued...

Ilsa Haupmann belongs to :iconsoviet-superwoman: and was used there with her permission like the Fourth Reich

Aelia, Shadwiya and Amarians are mine

This qtory happens in :iconangel-fallsda:
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